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Land Survey Engineering Services in Dubai

We are the best land survey engineering company in Dubai UAE. Our surveyors are well trained & well-qualified they provide the best land survey engineering services in Dubai. We are providing the following land survey services in Dubai.

Our Vision

Our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by defining what we need to accomplish to continue achieving sustainable and quality growth. We are determined to be the preferred Surveying and Survey Consultancy service provider in the United Arab Emirates. Our team thrives for delivering excellent service to our clients on time and on budget.

About Us


The Arabian Surveying Engineering LLC is one of the best and well growing land survey Company in UAE.

Since the start of the company our aim thriving to bring the best service in the country in the field of Land Survey Engineering. Our motive is simply to gain the trust of the client with excellent services. Company Survoyer is well equipped with the best technologies.

Arabian Survey Surveyors have provided the services with Innovative, Quality, and Professional in Land Surveying. we prove our self in land survey mapping, GIS services, topographical surveying, bathymetry surveying and engineering surveying.

Why We are Best Land Survey Company in Dubai?

In any company management and staff represents a company. Our management and staff is well trained and professional in the field of land survey in Dubai UAE.

Arabian Survey management and staff represent our self as a resourceful group of professionals engineers. In survey engineering, they have a lot of experience in the UAE and foreign countries.

The company is fully capable enough to undertake projects in the United Arab Emirates independently or in collaboration with any other independent group of Consultants, Architects, or Promoters. If you want our services Approch Us

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Honesty, Integrity and Trust

This is integral to every practice and decision in the business. Our reputation depends on it.

Client Orientation

Developing great relationships with our clients is key to our success. We work closely with our clients so we can fully understand and respond to their individual needs.


Our innovation is what sets us apart, whether we are offering a unique product or challenging our methodology to become more effective.


We are committed to quality at every level of the business. We understand there is no compromise on this and we continually invest in technology, staff development and health and safety to ensure we achieve the highest standard of service.

Professional Approach

We operate worldwide and our access to skilled and specialist resource allows us to respond effectively no matter the size of the project or how challenging.


Land & Engineering Surveys

Topographic Surveys
Existing buildings & Structures
Ground Surfaces
Oil & Gas Field
MEP Detail Survey for Buildings

Building Construction Surveys

Setting out Survey
Vertical and lateral monitoring of high-rise construction
Horizontal & Vertical Alignment Fixing for aluminium cladding works

Infrastructure Construction Surveys

Setting out of Road Lines, Rail Lines & utility Services
Underground Utilities Survey
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Measurement Surveys

Earthwork volume Calculations

Control Point Establishment

 RTK method by GPS

GIS Surveys

Ground Penetrating Radar
Electromagnetic Survey

Our Equipment

Global Positioning System, (GPS)

GPS is method that is used  for land survey In this method the equipment used for all the major services offered will be GPS (Global Positioning System), which is an all weather, radio based, satellite navigation system that enable users to accurately determine three-dimensional position. The Global Positioning System’s primary mission is to provide passive global positioning and navigation for land, air, and sea based strategic and tactical forces. The GPS receiver measures distances between satellites and itself to determine the receiver’s position from intersections of the multiple range vectors. Distances are determined by accurately measuring the time, which a signal pulse takes to travel from satellite to the receiver.


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If you are in need of a residential land survey, commercial land survey or telecommunication land survey, Arabian Survey is the land surveying firm in Dubai UAE for your project.

Certifications of Registration

Our Survey Engineering company are offically approved by quality mangement System

(ISO 9001:2015 )



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